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Affordable Cars in London

We are offering Affordable Cars in London with very reasonable price and best mileage, We care for our customer that is why we offer a car with 12 Month Warranty 1 Year MOT & Finance is also Avail in TMUK Trading Ltd.

Affordable Cars in London


We are Importer & Exporter as well, So feel free to import a Car by TMUK Trading Ltd. We Deal Hybrid Cars & in Hybrid Cars their are lots of benefits, particularly on the environment of the city neat & clean and also reducing the amount of pollution it keeps Environment clean and there is very low quantity of carbon dioxide emissions. The United States Department of Energy has reported that on Average, Hybrid Car uses Gasoline minimum 1/3 less than a standard  internal consumption engine vehicle and the battery timing is best for safe you fuel. The Deduction in the uses of Gas is Directly reduce the amount of  carbon dioxide released into the air.


This is a very common topic of discussion with affordable cars in london, Cars Really Costed to Maintain? Fortunately, The Answer is Credibly Seems to be No. Most of our Cars are well Maintain and without any fault like a new vehicles and we also avail 12 Months Warranty to our customer for their satisfaction, The Cars driving system to encourage owners to make the switch. Most of the Peoples that have worrying about the maintenance of their car and they avoid to purchase a car because of thinking about the costly maintenance. This has proven not to be a significant problem on the most of our vehicles.


Dealing on a New vehicle is like you are giving extra charges on it and you might be sale it in low price to second user. Many of the New vehicles have hidden charges & crazy Fees such as shipping charges, destination fees, & dealer preparation. That is why we prefer you to buy a Used Car which is Affordable for our customers with many benefits.

  • We are Happily giving a “Free Fully Service” for your buying car in 1st time.
  •  Free valet inside out.
  • Bimta certified mileage: For all imported Cars.
  • Free “12 Month” Warranty.
  • Free 1 year MOT.


You don’t have to worry about the settle for expensive dealership addition just feel free to buy a used car which is affordable for you. You may install your own at a lowest cost than on a new car. That is a superb way to spend your Money which you saved when purchasing a Used Car.

Affordable cars in London


The oldest trick in the dealer’s Book is to install additional dealer option”. They will surely add for a new car in a pinstripe for the immortal anti rust coating, but we can get the option on used car & in very reasonable price which are also available in new cars, So why would you prefer to buy a new car instead of used cars both are giving you a same facilities but used cars is in low price that is why this is affordable for many people. regardless, these changes don’t add a dime to the cars resale value anyway. When you buy a used car, you may not get every feature you want but you certainly won’t  end up paying extra for things you did not ask for.


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