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New Shape Toyota Prius Hybrid

TMUK Trading Ltd Offer New shape Toyota Prius Hybrid in London (2016-2017) Model which is 1.8 cc and 5 seater. Most fuel-Efficient car without a plug, New shape Toyota Prius Hybrid it has been the shiny gold standard of Hybrids since the iconic hatchback version debuted in 2004. The Toyota Prius mostly focused on efficiency first, A formula that has made it king of the Hybrids, By far the most popular electrifies Car.

New Shape Toyota Prius Hybrid


  • The New shape Toyota Prius Hybrid have many curves in their body that shows a modified body of a Car and it helps to cutting the air while driving a Prius 2016-2017.

New Shape Toyota Prius Hybrid

  • It gives a smooth drive because Toyota Prius reduce the air pressure with the help of their New body curves.
  • This is very logical but we don’t think of it and its really helps to drive fast and smoothly.
  • Comfortable seats and Driving.


In common with the 2010-2015 Prius engine is the displacement at 1.8 liters, but the 2016’s thermal efficiency as hinted as far back as 2013 is 40 percent and the gas burner is “completely re-engineered.”

Merged with the gas engine of course is an electric motor and CVT trans axle, and these have been redesigned, lightened, and claim 20-percent less frictional losses. Parallel gears replace the planetary reduction gears in the outgoing transmission.

New Shape Toyota Prius Hybrid

Not complete without a battery, the hybrid power-train either carries over the trustworthy – and long-since amortized – Nickel Metal Hybrid (NiMh) chemistry, or a new lithium-ion unit to be utilized by the new up-line Eco model.


The new engine achieves a diesel-like peak thermal efficiency of 40 percent. The power is start to go down from 98 50 95 horsepower, While the torque peak of 105 lb-ft is maintained, But developed slightly lower at 3600 rpm.

New shape Toyota Prius Hybrid electrical side, the motor has been downsized slightly. Cutting its output from 80 to 71 horsepower and its toque from 153 to 120 lb-ft, It is also physically smaller and lighter. In addition, The power-control electronics are more efficient thanks to a more effective cooling layout.

New shape Toyota Prius Hybrid

Total system output is rated at 121 horsepower, But that is using a new strategy to measurement that is not consistent with the previous model’s rating of 134 horsepower. The power is probably down slightly but the performance is expected to remain the same due to the improved low-end torque. Top speed is again governed at 112 mph.

The Toyota manufacturers is also introducing a Prius Eco model that is expected  to achieve substantially gives better mileage. It will try 58 mpg city in traffic and 53 highway in straight open track. To achieve these results , The Eco model more properly called the Prius Two Eco.


TM UK TRADING LTD is a quality driven organization in the domain of used Japanese & Local cars. All of our imported Cars are Directly Bought from Manufactures Sales/auctions in Japan & have “BIMTA Certification for each Imported vehilce for Milage confirmation.

We realize that buying a car can be a daunting experience, but don`t worry. We are very proud to be a member of London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (British Chamber of commerce) & also valuable member of ‘British Independent motor trade assurance’ (BIMTA). We are one in very few to have all these accreditation in motor trade business within Europe.

New shape Toyota Prius Hybrid

“We are very polite dealing with our customers and we give most value to them with more facilities and opportunities. We not only speak it but we do exactly what we write here.”

What will you get more with us:

  • First time free fully service.
  • 1 year Free MOT.
  • 12 month Free warranty.
  • Free valet inside out.
  • Auto-parts
  • Insurance as well.

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