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Used Car for sale in London

TMUK Trading are offering used Car for sale in London. We know what buyers think when they want to purchase a Car, So, We already adjust every thing with the perception and expectations of buyers.

Now a days Cars is a need of every person, Without Cars ? Struggling in life is very difficult and we realize it. Cars help us to moving anywhere without any hesitation and it save our precious time too. When we go somewhere we need a help of Car, So, We paid more to Taxi driver for it, Why not your “own car” ?

Purchasing a Car is also like a investment, Sometimes it may go for loss or sometime 0.00% profit but  your money is safe on it. We are offering used Car for sale in London, which are affordable and best  saving money because we also provide Hybrid Car.

Used car for sale in London


We are dealing with all kind of Cars Brand but mostly we prefer to sell is Toyota Hybrid Cars. Hybrid Cars is best saving machine, Because they give you 30 miles only in one charge without fuel. When you start drive your Hybrid Car in fuel the battery automatically start to charge, It is the best part of Hybrid Cars. We also offer used Cars for sale in London used Japanese Hybrid Cars and best price in all over the London.


Toyota has a separate certified pre-owned program for its every Hybrid Car. While it is closely shade the regular certified pre-owned program, The differences are:

  • The vehicle gets a 174 point inspection
  • The hybrid batteries are certified for 8 years or 100,000 miles. That’s an important consideration because hybrid batteries are expensive to replace.

Used Car for sale in London

However, everything else is approximately same as the traditional Toyota certified pre-owned used car program. You will take the as it is 7 year/100,00-Mile Limited power train warranty and a 12-month/12,000-mile Limited Comprehensive warranty. There is 1 year of roadside assistance included in the certified pre-owned Hybrid program as well.

What is best about the program Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid. That’s the model of Hybrid Cars can run on likely pure electricity for limited distance, which is approx 30 miles or 50 miles. If memory serve correctly its also up to the driver that how they drive a Hybrid Car.

The condition of optimal driving, So, You have to be able to get up to 20 miles on the electric charge of Hybrid Car. That is gonna be great distance for most probably Prius without long commutes. Once your electricity runs out, Do not worry about it, You can also able to use the internal combustion engine to power you the rest of the way.

More information is available at the Toyota hybrid certified pre-owned website.


used car for sale in london

TM UK Trading Ltd –

  • TMUK TRADING offer used car for sale in London.
  • All our vehicles undergo rigorous preparation and servicing and are backed by a highly comprehensive range of warranties.
  • we also Offer Full Showroom Facilities Including Part Exchange and Finance.
  • Whilst Providing a Full After Care Service Including Part Sourcing From Japan, MOT’s, General Parts, Repairs and Servicing.
  • All our cars come with minimum 3 months warranty.
  • Our friendly staff will go to great length to guarantee that you receive the advice you need.
  • This is the reason why many of our customers  are keep coming back to us.

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Find a used car in London


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