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Don’t Forget to Check Your Used Car in UK for Vehicle History

Car sellers always have got something to hide. If you don’t get the used car in UK checked before purchasing, chances are you will be going home with a bad deal. Tons of used vehicles are sold in the UK every year and all of them have histories hidden. You can’t simply tell the history of a car just by examining it. A valid way to know the history of a car is by conducting a registration check.

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Why do you need a car check?

It is obvious that whenever you are about to buy a used car, it needs inspection. For this, you will need the registration of the car. The registration of the car helps in finding out if by chance the car ever had an accident, got stolen, got written off or has any outstanding finance.

Not all used cars are bad but there are worse cases too. The car might be hiding a history and in future because of that history, it may get seized and you will be left empty-handed. All that you paid for will be gone by then. So why make the mistake of purchasing a used car in UK without any registration confirmation, history check and proper inspection?

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What will you find out with a vehicle check?

A usual vehicle check involves gathering information about the vehicle from the DVLA, police, finance houses and the insurance companies. It will give you all the information you need about the car’s history. So, if the car was ever involved in an illegal act, had ever got stolen, scrapped or written off, everything will be revealed. It can also help in confirming the exact mileage of the used car in UK we are offering good number of units here. A vehicle check always dishes out the hidden information even the outstanding finance details and the previous owners of the car, if any. The information from the sources will properly reveal if the car was ever imported or its exterior color was changed.

What happens if the car is stolen or has an outstanding balance?

Purchasing a car that was stolen can get you in a lot of trouble. If somehow you still purchase it, then the police can definitely take it back from you as the car is already someone’s property. Once the Police take the car from you, you have definitely been mugged as there is no way you are going to get your money back.

If you accidentally buy a car that has some outstanding balance, then the company that owns can seize it anytime and you won’t be able to do anything about it. However, if you have your eyes on a used car and you know it is some outstanding balance, you can still make it yours. For that, you must negotiate with the seller and the finance company to come up with a way to clear the payments before buying that car. This will save you from trouble later on as you will own a debt-free car.

Vehicle checking companies

Companies that deal in a used car in UK for sale already have vehicle checking facilities for the buyers. They only keep users cars in their showrooms once they have the proper documentation. That’s why many people prefer such finding such companies to buy a used car from.  The vehicle checking process reveals everything you need to know about a used car before buying it. So, if the car was stolen, written off, scrapped, exported or imported, the report will tell you everything. In fact, you will be provided with all this information without even asking because it’s a part of the standard procedure of selling a used car. If the car has a clear history, its price falls within your budget and most of it, you were looking forward to buying this model, and then you can readily sign the deal and buy the car.

Check for External Damages

Your focus shouldn’t be just on checking the history of the vehicle but also external damages. In short, the vehicle needs an overall evaluation.

  • Start with the paint. Look for dents or scratches on the body.
  • Check the lights and the indicators. Make sure they work.
  • Don’t forget about the tires. They must have enough tread and a good suspension.

You can always take a mechanic with you to look for such damages if you don’t have enough knowledge. Nevertheless, even if it is a used car, you shouldn’t be taking home anything that is not worth the money.

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