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Tips for Seller: How to conduct a Used Car Test Drive?

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If a potential buyer picks your car from the used car deals, they probably want to go for a test drive. You are certainly not an auto dealership so you may have never had the experience of handing over your keys to a total stranger and let them drive your car. As daunting as it may seem, you have to let them drive. After all, they are interested to buy your car.

Used car deals are pretty interesting for even a seller. You never know what kind of buyer you are dealing with. Fortunately, there are some tips that will help you prepare for the test drive request in advance. Let’s have a look:

  • Make sure you remove all valuable items from your car before meeting the potential buyer. Follow this rule especially when you are taking your car to a used car deals
  • Never meet the potential buyer at your home. Don’t even agree on meeting the potential buyer at his home. Pick a public spot for the meeting.
  • If possible, ask your friend or family member to join you. This will make you feel secure and the potential buyer will know too that you are not alone.

Set Rules for the test drive

Before you grant control of the car to the buyer, some standard procedures must be taken. It is particularly true if the buyer wishes to go for a solo drive. However, it is fair enough to ensure that your car is returned safely, there are some ways that must be followed such as:

  • Ask the buyer to provide you with the copy of driver’s license number, if it isn’t available then at least ask for the driver’s license number, contact number and address. These days, it is common to take a snapshot from a Smartphone, so you can ask the potential buyer to hold his driver’s license and take a picture from the Smartphone. This provides you an additional layer of protection, especially if you are going to let him drive solo.
  • Tips for Seller: How to conduct a Used Car Test Drive?


  • Whether is a local/highway track, you must agree on your defined route that the buyer takes for a test drive. If possible, start/end the drive near a police station. If the buyer has any wrong agenda, he will probably back off before getting started.
  • There should be a curfew for the test run. It is recommended for you to set a shorter deadline; if you allow the buyer to drive solo 15-20 minutes are enough. However, if you are accompanying them, you can allow them 30-40 minutes. There is no exception during this time as it takes few minutes for someone to strip off the valuable parts of the car.
  • Check your auto insurance coverage consistently. Some policies don’t provide any coverage if the buyer is driving your car. You will have a valid reason to deny for solo drive.

Accompany the buyer, highlight the best features of the car and there will be a question answer session about the car and the person.

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Get ready to close the deal

If the potential buyer likes everything and he is satisfied with the test drive, then you can move further with the deal and negotiate the price. Remember, if the buyer gives you a check immediately, get his driver’s license number and complete contact details on file until the check is clear.

Of course, there might be lots of potential buyers out there who are interested in buying your car, but if you are selling for the first time, you have to be extra careful because the used car deals can be tricky. If you are not that good at reading people, then make sure you take someone with you who is. Why? Because the potential buyer is a total stranger and you never know who you are dealing with.

Note: The purpose of sharing this information was not to scare you, but to prepare you. So, don’t worry, just take precautions and follow the tips above and the test drive will go great.


Tips for Seller: How to conduct a Used Car Test Drive?

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