1. Hybrids are less polluting.

combining electric motors with a petrol engine, hybrid cars models can reduce exhaust emissions. The five-seat Honda CR-V Hybrid SUV emits just 120g/kilo meters of carbon dioxide, the level of emissions you would expect from a far smaller Hybrid cars.

2. Hybrids are cheaper to run.

clever Technology such as Honda CR-V Hybrid’s fixed-gear transmission helps hybrids cars to save drivers money. The CR-V’s single fixed-gear ratio is more compact than a traditional continuously variable transmission and provides a connection with moving components. The result is good efficiency with high levels of refinement and responsiveness.

3. Hybrids need fewer fuel stops.

When cruising at 40mph, the Honda CR-V Hybrid spends half the time using the electric motor rather than the petrol engine. The result is 53.3mpg (New European Driving Cycle combined) and with a 57-litre petrol tank the car should be greater for a range of more than (sixteen hundred) miles.

4. Hybrid drivers do not suffer range anxiety.

If you are not ready for a move to a full electric car. Hybrid car is your perfectly first step. Hybrid car does not require you to charge the battery, but instead when the battery is low it switches to petrol and the battery charges itself.

5. Hybrids are more responsive to drive.

Beauty of an electric motor is that it delivers all its pulling power from the moment you start accelerating. Combined with the Honda CR-V Hybrid’s Sport mode, its petrol and 2 electric motors work together to make a family car with sports-car responsiveness.