Advantages of Hybrid cars.

One of the biggest advantages of a hybrid vehicle over a gasoline-powered car is that it runs cleaner and has better gas mileage, which makes it environmentally friendly. Hybrid vehicle runs on twin powered engine (Gasoline Engine, Electric Motor) that cuts fuel consumption and conserves energy. There are many advantages of hybrid vehicle, and more people are waking up to these advantages. Some of these include, Hybrids cars are better for the environment
This is the most obvious advantage of a Hybrid cars use less fuel which means they emit fewer emissions. Therefore, they are great for our environment. If you are looking to be more environmentally friendly then a hybrid car is perfect for you. They are cheaper than plug-in hybrids.
Hybrid vehicle have come down in price by quite a bit since they were first released. Many hybrids are extremely affordable and they are also more affordable than plugin hybrids cars. This means that if you want to lower your carbon footprint but do not want to spend a fortune on a plugin hybrid car or even an electric car, then a hybrid is perfect. Hybrid Cars recharge as you drive. These are more convenient for those who r doing high mileage and want to lower their carbon footprint.
conventional hybrid car has regenerative braking, which means the battery recharges as you drive. This means that you don’t have to stop to charge it up. Simply charges while you drive. If you r doing quite a high mileage, you won’t have to worry about stopping to recharge your car.
They have more options
They are more hybrid cars than ever before, so your options are not as limited as they once were. If you don’t want to be restricted to several cars like you were if you went for a plugin hybrid car or electric car, then you will want to look at a hybrid car.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars are not as environmentally friendly as plug-in hybrids vehicle or electric cars.
If you are looking for the good way to reduce your carbon footprint then you might want to consider a plug-in hybrid car or an electric car. Electric cars are more environmentally friendly as emit fewer emissions or none at all in the case of an electric car.
You may not get as many discounts.
When hybrid cars first came out there were a number of discounts and incentives to encourage people to invest in these eco-friendly cars.
However, now plugin hybrids cars and electric cars exist, these incentives for hybrids cars have fizzled out.
said, Price of hybrids cars have dropped considerably since they first hit the market.
Servicing , maintenance charges can be higher
Because they are two engines and there is quite a bit of tech in those engines, maintenance costs can be higher.

Also, you may find your local garage does not service or maintain hybrid cars because of the different technology. However, there are more garages that do this so it won’t be long before every garage can service and maintain hybrid cars.
They aren’t as powerful
B/c of the dual engines, the petrol or diesel engine is smaller meaning that it isn’t as powerful. So, if you’re more into performance and power than you are eco-friendliness then a hybrid car isn’t for you.
They are not exempt from tax
While hybrids cars are low in emissions, they are not low enough to be exempt from the likes of the congestion charge, company car tax, road tax.
So there are some of the disadvantages of a hybrid vehicle.