What is a Hybrid Car?

• Hybrid cars are becoming more popular and more common. Basically, a hybrid vehicle is one that uses two or more engines i.e., an electric motor and a conventional engine (either petrol or diesel). Electric engine powers the car at lower speeds, and the gas engine powers it at higher speeds. hybrid vehicle like Toyota Prius and Civic Hybrid not only conserves fuel but also produces less CO2 emissions.

Hybrid electric cars are powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, which uses energy stored in batteries. Hybrid electric cars cannot be plugged in to charge the battery. The battery is charged through regenerative braking and by the internal combustion engine.

Hybrid cars combines at least one electric motor with a gasoline engine to move the Hybrid vehicle, Its system recaptures energy via regenerative braking. The result is less gasoline burned and, therefore, better fuel economy. Adding electric power can even boost performance in certain instances