Common Places to Look for Second Hand Cars for Sale

Are you are interested in buying a second hand car but you are not sure where you will find the right one? Don’t worry, there are lots of places to look for second hand cars for sale. In this piece, we are going to discuss some of the common options of buying a second hand car by analyzing their pros and cons.
Option 1: Buying Franchise Dealership
Franchise dealerships sell second hand cars too. You can also look for a car dealer who specializes in used cars.

1. When you are buying privately, you will enjoy stronger consumer rights.
2. You may find a car under warranty.
3. You may also land on an exchange deal with your existing car.
4. The dealership may offer car financing options.
5. The dealer has already inspected the car and fixed major faults so you won’t have to spend extra time and money on repairs.
6. There are possibilities of negotiating with the dealer.

1. Their prices are often high.
2. If you don’t have good negotiation skills, you won’t land on a good deal.

Option 2: Buying from a private seller
Lots of private sellers have second hand cars for sale. But buying from them is not recommended because you don’t know whether you can trust the person and if any problem arises afterwards, you have a weak legal comeback as compared to a dealership.

1. You will find an affordable deal.
2. If the seller is in a rush, you can get a big discount.
3. As the private seller is actually the person who was the previous owner of the car you are interested in buying, so you will have the opportunity of meeting him in person. Have all the questions ready.

1. There are very limited chances of coming across a car with manufacturer’s warranty left on it. That means you will have to buy insurance to cover your car separately.
2. You have to pay the price of the car upfront. There are no car financing options here.
3. If you unfortunately end up buying a faulty car and the seller apparently did nothing wrong, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Option 3: Car Auctions
Car auction is one of the most common ways of finding second hand cars for sale. These can either be live auctions or online auctions. Did you know about 14 million cars are sold at live auctions in The United Kingdom each year? Many of these dealers are ready to accept part-exchanges of your previous vehicle. The dealers are majorly leasing companies or vehicle fleet managers. You will also find independent dealers at the auction. For online auctions, do prior research and then pick a car carefully.

1. Auctions are best to find bargain deals.

1. If the offer is alluring, anyone can get carried away and choose a deal that exceeds their budget.
2. If you bought the second hand car from an online auction, you will have very limited legal rights. So, if the car does not match its description, you can’t ask for a re-fund. Sometimes, you don’t even know if the 3. seller is the legal owner of the car.

If luck is on your side, you may land on the best second hand car deal from any of these options. Remember this, as a buyer of a used car, you have to keep your eyes and ears open. Make sure you ask the seller a lot of questions about the car, do your own research too and then inspect the car’s condition. Before you make your final decision, you have to go for a test drive.
There are such buyers among us too who are buying their very first car and the only one they can afford right now is a second hand car. In that case, it is recommended to first look for someone in your friends or family circle who can is actually interested in selling their car. This is save you time. If you are not that experienced in choosing the right car, take an experienced person with you. They will help filter out your options and pick the right car. But don’t forget that you are the one who will be driving the car so you must make your own decision. Be prepared. Do your own research and pick the model you want to buy keeping your budget in consideration. The most favorable option would be look for second hand cars for sale at a dealership.